streda, 15. januára 2014

DS: Btssb Lovely sweet room skirt in pink!

Hi my dears, I really need money as soon as possible,so I need to sell some stuff. please look if there is something you are interested in and write me. :)

1.  Baby the stars shine bright Lovely sweet room print skirt in pink :
 measurments: waist 62-72/73 cm
                      lenght 51 cm
it is in great condition, it includes waistties, and it has really cute details :)
I am asking 90 eur shipped


photo of worn skirt

2. Offbrand white blouse with long sleeves  -SOLD!
size S/M  (I dont know measurmenst)
I am selling it for 13 eur shipped in europe, 15 eur in us


3.  pink skirt handmade by me
waist measurments 64-84 cm
I am selling it for 13 eur shipped in eu, 15 eur in US


4. offbrand loliable white blouse -SOLD
size S
I am selling it for 5 eur plus shipping (around 3 eur :) )

thank you for reading this, and please let me know if you are intersted, I really need money so I am taking offers and payment plans :)

I wish you all nice day! :)

pondelok, 6. januára 2014

My lolita wardrobe post ( Jan 2014)

Hi my dear readers, finally I wanna show you my lolita wardrobe ^^
Here is the FIRST PART which consists of my DRESSES and SKIRTS.
I know I still dont have as many and as gorgeous pieces as others, but still, I hope you would like it :) .

Baby the stars shine bright- Snow polkadot sundress JSK

Handmade by me- Hana no hime OP

Baby the stars shine bright- Twinkle constellation OP

Angelic pretty- Memorial cake OP

Bodyline- Love jewelry wa OP

Oo Jia- La robe vert clair OP

Alice and the pirates- Double lobelia JSK
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )
Oo Jia- Misty sky OP

Handmade by me- Fairy from ocean OP

Handmade by me- Antique doll JSK

Bodyline- Antique clock OP

Handmade by me- Shining fruit JSK

Handmade by me- Ending flowers JSK 
(it was my first handmade dress, so it doesnt look very good xD)

Handmade by me- Roses of my dreams JSK

 Offbrand- Hiding flowers OP

Baby the stars shine bright- Rose bouquet Nia JSK

Innocent world- (dont know name :D ) JSK

Baby the stars shine bright- Jewel tree bouquet JSK

Milky-chan replica altered by me

Angelic pretty- Toy parade JSK
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )

Bodyline- Heart frills JSK

Offrand OP

Offbrand JSK

Offbrand aristocrat long OP

 Bodyline- Puppy skirt
( will come at the end of month, I will change photo then :) )

Handmade by me- Lady bug skirt

 Baby the stars shine bright- Hem scallop skirt

 Offbrand long skirt

Handmade by me- Night is bright skirt

Lorinoko- Dryas nyx skirt

 Handmade by me- Rose lullaby skirt

 Handmade by me- Sleeping princess skirt

Handmade by me-  lace overskirt

 Angelic pretty- Decoration dream Apron skirt

Handmade by me- Summer melody overskirt

 Baby the stars shine bright- Lovely sweet room skirt

Offbrand- Frill princess skirt

 I hope you enjoyed it! ^^
Did you also make your own wardrobe post you would like to share with me? :) If yes, just put the link of your post in comments, I would love to see it ^^

Btw, I wish you all nice year 2014 :)

streda, 14. augusta 2013

Few summer outfits

Hello my dears! :) Today I will show you some of my summer outfits (the ones that I havent forgotten to take xD )

1.  Meet with my classmates
Skirt, Shoes: Bodyline
Tights: Ebay
Wristcuffs, Headbow( cannot be seen) : handmade by me
Cardigan: Atmosphere
Shirt: offbrand

2.  Went shopping with my mom
Dress: handmade by me
Wig: Ebay
Bows: local shop
Shoes: Bodyline 

3. Went to the library
Skirt, Headbow: handmade by me
Socks: Secret shop
Shoes, Shirt, Cardigan: offbrand

4. Just went to a post office
Skirt, Shirt, Pearls: offbrand
Headdress, Headbow, Socks: handmade by me
Shoes: An-tai-na
Umbrella:  local shop

5. Grandmother s birthday
Dress, Bonnet, Socks: handmade by me
Bangs, Scarf, Headband: local shop 
Shoes: Secret shop

6.  Day with my grandparents
Skirt: Lorinoko
Shirt, Leggins, Shoes: offbrand
Cardigan: New look
Flower headband: made by me from meaow flowers :)

7. Just took  photo in my Sugar fairy cake skirt, because I traded it for btssb dress 

Skirt, Headbow: Angelic pretty
Deco dream pony bag: Oo jia
Socks: Bodyline
Shoes: An-tai-na
Shirt: Alered by me ( I repainted it and sewed lace on it)
Wig: ebay
Ponytails: local shop

8. Went to a library again

Blouse: Atmosphere
Short dress: River island
Overskirt and Headbow:  Handmade by me
Shoes: Bodyline

9. Went on funeral
Dress: second hand
Headdress: Gate
Shoes: offbrand
Bag: from my greatgrandmother

10.   Went to town with my mother
Dress: Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse: Atmosphere
Hat: handmade by me
Shoes ( I didnt take a photo of them) : offbrand

Here is hat detail photo :

And I also tried to do a new make up :) :) :

If you would like, I can make tutorial :)

I hope you like it, and please write comment, I will be very happy :) :)  .. Nice day! :)